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Is your company running the proper Pay Per Click Campaigns? When managed correctly, Pay Per Click Campaigns are a great way to bring in clients, customers, and revenues TODAY! Whether you’re a new company looking to test the waters with your new product/service or you’re an established business looking to expand your client base online, Pay Per Click Campaigns are the best way to bring in immediate business while building your organic SEO for the long run.

Pay Per Click Management


If you are currently trying to manage your company’s Pay Per Click Campaigns or you are paying another company to manage them for you, make sure your advertising dollars are being spent properly. Some of the key questions you want to ask are… What keyword types are we bidding for (exact match, phrase match, or broad match)? Do we have Competition Ad Groups running? Are we paying for keywords that we don’t need to be, like our company name or other keywords we are already pulling up for organically? Are we sending our ads to the correct pages on our website? Are we taking advantage of Ad Extensions or Ad Links? And most importantly, are we using Conversion Tracking & Call Tracking properly, or even at all?


All Pay Per Click Management Services Include:

Pay Per Click Keyword Research & AnalysisKeyword Research & Analysis

Pay Per Click Competitor AnalysisCompetitor Analysis

Strategic PPC Keyword TargetingStrategic Keyword Targeting

PPC Budget ManagementBudget Management

PPC Keyword Bid ManagementKeyword Bid Management

Weekly PPC Reporting & AnalyticsWeekly Reporting & Analytics

Monthly PPC Progress ReportsMonthly Progress Reports

PPC Conversion TrackingConversion Tracking

Pay Per Click Call TrackingCall Tracking

PPC Conversion OptimizationConversion Optimization

Dedicated Pay Per Click Support TeamDedicated Support Team

PPC Ad Copy Creation & ManagementAd Copy Creation & Management

PPC Geo-Targeting ManagementGeo-Targeting Management

PPC Device Targeting ManagementDevice Targeting Management

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We specialize in setup and management of Google Pay Per Click, Bing Pay Per Click, Facebook Pay Per Click, Placements, AdRoll, AdSense and more a la carte or as part of a custom package.  Contact Us to discuss how we can help your Pay Per Clickcampaigns succeed online today.

Google Pay Per Click Management
Google Pay Per Click
Bing Pay Per Click Management
Bing Pay Per Click
Facebook Pay Per Click Management
Facebook Pay Per Click
Pay Per Click Placements
PPC RemarketingRemarketing Adsense Management
Other PPC Advertising
Other PPC Advertising